April Gambling Revenue Decreases For Nevada Casinos

It has been a difficult road back from economic disaster for Nevada casinos, and then more bad news arrived. Revenue at casinos all over the state dropped by more than five percent in April.

On Wednesday a Nevada Gaming Control Board spokesman announced that revenue for casinos in the State of Nevada was $810.5 million for April. That showed a decrease of about 5.7% from the same period during 2009. In recent months there was hope that the gaming industry had recovered from the recession, but then April’s numbers indicate that the gamblers are still not making the trip to Nevada.

The news was not quite as bad for the Las Vegas Strip, casino revenue there fell less than one percent. With total revenue for the Strip casinos coming to $437.3 million. This means that the Strip’s share of the state’s total gaming revenue grew fifty-four percent, meaning that these casinos maintained their position as the preferred gambling outlet for serious bettors.

Nevada and New Jersey may continue to watch their gambling profits wane, Macau has experienced an almost 100% increase from last year. Macau has drawn the Asian gamblers that used to go to the US, thus causing part of the decrease in revenue for Nevada.

Land-based casinos also face a threat from online casinos, although not as much. Online casino jackpot slots have temped an increasing number of players and many are now feeling that it would be easier to stay home and just play the slots online.

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