MicroGaming Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are a recent addition to the world of playing slots online, and is still limited to a select few operators today. Public demand is increasing though, and it is predicted to be just as popular as regular slot gambling in just a few years. Operators who use the MicroGaming software platform have started offering tournament play, and the reviews have been very positive. These tournaments attract thousands of players who go at it during weekends.

Slots tournaments offer several advantages over regular play. The most obvious of these is the stakes. Generally, when the stakes are fixed, you know beforehand how much you risk losing. The prizes are predetermined as well more often than not, since most of the tournaments offer a guaranteed prize pool. This is an easy way to limit your gambling while still being aware of how much you could win, if you take home the tournament prize.
Another advantage of slot tournaments is the relative speed and that they can generate quite a lot of money in very little time. Most tournaments are over within an amazing 5-10 minutes, with the exception of re-buy tournaments. That said, re-buy tournaments, often have the largest prizes, due to the rapid growth of the prize pool when re-buys are available. Some of the most popular slot tournaments have prize pools worth more than $20,000, which is great considering the low usual buy-in of about $20. There are often freeroll qualifiers available as well, meaning you might win one of these tournaments without risking a single cent.

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