A review of casino Rama in Orilia

Casino Rama is presently one of the biggest and most familiar casinos, and its open 24/7. In it, one can find more then 2500 machines and more then 100 tables. The table games are diverse and enable the guests to experience different kinds of games such as poker, black jack, roulette, baccarat and many others.
The casino provides the guest with pleasant and styled place, where the shiny lights and the modern and beautiful design of the casino guarantee every visitor an unforgettable experience.
The casino staff is always ready for any request or service. During the casino’s activity hours they will bring you food and beverages and be happy to assist in any way they can.

On top of the casino games, the casino is home to 10 special and distinct restaurants, with fine cuisine and of course a massive hall with around 5000 sits where you can enjoy performances by visiting artists. Among those who have already visited are Dianna Ross, Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby.
Casino Rama, just like casino las vegas and any other big casino, has its own hotel with a huge parking space with room for 2200 vehicles. The hotels provides the guests with the option of relaxing during their stay, enjoying special services like a big gym, an Olympic swimming pool, and an indulging spa that would all compound the experience and make it unforgettable.
Casino Rama is operating since 1996. The experience and skills accumulated over the years are manifested in every aspect, from the warm and generous service to the satisfaction of all client demands.

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