Many people don’t admit and deny that they are addicted to gambling. But, not all of them bet heavy amounts of money on games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps or online poker. Some of the bettors are aware of their financial situation so they establish a bankroll in order to maintain low profile without exceeding their budget. They know that if they do, they might lose their “pants” too.

However, high Roller gamblers have no limits, they are betting in big casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, participate in Tournaments and even play at home in an online casino site.

Their favorite games are of course Poker Texas Hold em or Blackjack. And they sometimes they spend more time at a great betting site than working. All they want is to gamble and gamble to get richer.

Moreover, in certain cases they quit their job or get fired because they don’t put all their heart at work and all they think is about betting and how can they make more money without making any effort.

Finally, they find themselves alone, without money and with a lot of debts, trying to get out of this “mud”, while a few commit suicide.