Bankroll Management in Roulette

As is the case in almost any online casino or land based casino game, bankroll management is a major key to success. How you begin, what mindset you have, and what you expect to win or lose, are all-important variables. Basically, for each session of roulette you play, you should define a bankroll, a win limit, and a loss limit (which is often the same as your bankroll).

But what do these terms really mean, and how do we employ them? Logic becomes our friend at this point, it helps us keep our cash when we win, and lose less when we lose. Roulette like online keno for the most part is a game of luck; making money becomes a process of taking advantage of win streaks. Win limits and loss limits allow us to have pre-decided limits on our own play.

Loss limits are a familiar concept to many players, and as many of us know, they can be difficult to obey. The idea is that we know ahead of time the most we could afford to lose, and make a pact with ourselves to not spend any more than that, if luck is not with us. There’s nothing mysterious about this concept, but when people lose, they tend to chase their losses. Chances are you’ll chase your losses if you haven’t been paying attention to your bankroll very much. Just know how much you’ve spent, how much you can afford to spend, and don’t increase your bet to try and make back what you’ve lost.

Win limits are the opposite of loss limits, though not as intuitive. Loss limits have a solid number associated with them, how much can you afford to lose. The same question doesn’t apply the other way around; how much can you afford to win? Because of this most people scoff at the idea of setting a win limit, but don’t be so quick to discard the concept. Anyone who has gambled a significant amount can offer you tale after tale of the times they’ve been up hundreds or thousands, only to give it all back before the end of the session.

This probably happens more times than not, simply because people don’t know to walk away while they’re up. Well, obviously it’s not because people don’t know to, but because they choose not to. There is a lot of incentive to keep gambling even though you’ve made loads of money, primarily, the opportunity to make loads more and collect comps which is very easy to do at the Blackjack table. But being the smart player that you are, you realize that you’ve bucked the odds to make all of that cash, and so moving forwards all you’re doing is putting your winnings at risk.

A win streak is hard to interrupt, and is very rarely walked away from. We’re not saying that you should cut every win streak short, but if you’re up a good bit of money and the win streak ends, you should walk away before it truly comes crashing down. A good rule of thumb is to take a percentage of your bankroll and set it as your win limit. If you make, say, 50% of your bankroll in winnings, you’re doing very well and should probably walk away. If your bankroll is small however, you may hit that percentage early in your session and not want to leave. Gambling experts agree that winning 30% of your bankroll is exceptionally good, and you should walk away at that point. Many of us realize that 30% of our bankroll is only two or three bets worth, so feel the logic doesn’t apply. This is a bit true, but it’s likely that you are playing with too small a bankroll if winning 30% of it wouldn’t make you feel successful for a session.

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Strategize your way to success in Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is a hugely popular and enjoyable experience and reflects very positively on the actual game of Blackjack.  Just like pretty much anything that you are doing afresh, it always pays (and in this case literally) to know exactly how to play.  The strategy is not specifically about knowing how to play, but that is obviously a crucial start.

Knowing how to play online blackjack is one thing, but becoming good at it is an entirely different proposition, which takes a great deal of skill, patience and perseverance.  Just as Blackjack is so much more than a game of luck, so too online blackjack.  It should also be remembered that the House edge is very low in the online version of Blackjack.  Whereas in a land-based casino, the odds are more heavily stacked in the House’s favor, this is very much not the case in an online casino.

In online blackjack it is easier and less dicey (in terms of if caught in a land-based casino you can be unceremoniously expelled) to count cards.  This might be a tactic that is better utilized when you become more experienced at playing.  Just as in blackjack, in online blackjack you need to be able to think on your feet, anticipate your opponents’ moves and maneuver yourself to be able to use your strategic advantage to be successful.

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Blackjack tips

Depending upon whom you listen to, Blackjack is either the ultimate game of skill or the definitive game of chance –but in my opinion a skilled blackjack player has a better chance of winning.  Reality probably falls somewhere in the middle, but with the help of some helpful Blackjack hints, you can tip the balance more towards the skill end of the spectrum, than luck.

Some of these tips, may work better in an online casino, but are probably worth bearing in mind, wherever you choose to play:

•    It’s advisable not to split 4s, 5s or 10s.
•    If you are not, or don’t want to count cards (especially in a land-based casino, where you can be ejected for being caught doing this), it’s best not to take insurance.

•    If the dealer’s face-up card is a 7 through to an Ace, hit.
•    If the dealer’s face-up card has a value of 10, you should consider hitting, even if you are on 17
•    Consider hitting if you have 12, when the dealer’s card is a 2, 3, 7 or higher.

When playing with a ‘soft-hand’ (i.e. when you have an Ace it counts as 1 point, rather than 10), things are altered slightly, considering that you cannot bust. For example:

•    When you have a hand of 3 or more cards, you are able to hit soft from 13 through 17.
•    A player can double-down a soft 17, when the dealer’s face-up card is a 3.

This is obviously not a comprehensive list of ways to be successful at Blackjack, but if you wish to prove the doubters wrong and make this great game more about skill than luck it might be worth taking note of some of the points made.  Remember also, that there are books and blogs on Blackjack, so it might be worth checking those out too.

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Make Bigger Profits with an Online Casino Bonus

There’s an open secret in the gambling world.  If you’re serious about making money, there’s no better place to do it than an online casino.  A lot of people figure a casino is a casino, but if you look a bit closer, you’ll find a few real incentives that make internet gambling the most profitable way to gamble.

A big reason is the online casino bonus.  These are free money incentives given by casinos to get you to join their casino and stay there.   Online casino bonuses usually start at $100 and go up, so it’s serious money.  The best part, there’s so many out there.

Internet gambling is a competitive industry.  After all, online casinos don’t face many obstacles to start up.  Because of this, and because of the thousands of new players joining every day, there are many online casinos out there all trying to attract you with a bigger and better online casino bonus.

The most popular online casino bonus is given for just joining a casino.  However, once inside, casinos offer many more for being a loyal, trying out new games, or just winning or playing certain hands.  There’s too many out there to list.

You can really leverage online casino bonuses, since, after all, playing online means no travel, lodging, or food costs for you.  Just by playing online, you’re already ahead as opposed to traveling to a land casino.  And with online casino bonuses, you can play a whole day and make big profits without once having to put your own money on the line. 

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Play your way to big money tournaments through online casino games

There are so many exciting and novel facets to online casino games that sometimes it seems hard to imagine that things could be improved.  We can play for hours, getting hooked just a little more each time.  Is your game maybe stagnating a little, looking for a different buzz? -  Why not try some tournament play?

You’ll be encouraged to know that there is a wealth of tournaments, where you will be able to play against people from different countries, backgrounds and skill levels.  Satellite tournaments are particularly popular online casino games.  The stakes are not usually that high and you can take your time learning the ropes without either winning or losing huge amounts.  However, the real beauty of a satellite tournament is that like in professional tennis, if you do well and win challenger events you can begin to make your ranking climb and be invited to more senior events with bigger names and bigger prizes.  It’s exactly the same in online casino games.  You may not expect to win, but take it as an opportunity to learn and improve your game.

Even if you are playing in a tournament and there are not many wagers being put down for the lack of players, in a guaranteed tournament the House will ensure (‘guarantee’) that the winning will be a set amount – so it’s always worth your while to check out these online casino games.

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I love the online casino environment!

Playing at an online casino has always been a difficult thing for new time players to come to terms with. For those people who weren’t brought up with the internet, doing things online takes time for people to get used to. Consequently, online casino popularity is growing every day!
Getting started at an online casino is actually a very easy process for many; people simply don’t know what they’re missing until they try out the fun. I have found it is one of the best ways to improve the play of my blackjack game. Rather than simply playing blackjack with my friends for fun, I play at an online casino. While this may seem similar to playing with friends, it really is entirely different. At an online casino, I can play as many times as I want, and start new games whenever I wish. If I get bored, and decide that blackjack isn’t the game for me, then it’s a simple switch the button, to try out some new casino games. In the past year that I have been playing, I have never been bored once.

Some people may think that this is an expensive pastime, but it doesn’t have to be if I chose not. In fact, many casinos give me the option of playing for free. This free play option doesn’t just apply to blackjack games, it counts with any games that I choose. For this reason, I have been trying out some new poker play games lately and loving it!

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An online poker tournament with us

The two things that are probably the greatest magnets for people to play Poker with us are the opportunity to gamble and the chance to participate in our tournaments. Of course this is not difficult to understand when bearing in mind that both activities hold as their main objective to gain a given amount of money in a thrilling yet fun way. From that point of view, playing an online poker tournament with us, or gambling at our Poker rooms are indeed two fantastic ways of fulfilling that particular goal and two of the ways we have to please your needs.

Gambling is to Poker as salary is to a job. Some may even argue that gambling is the irrefutable core of Poker itself and that without it there is no point in playing. Well, then again there are people who do enjoy playing just for the fun of it, as much as there are people who volunteer at the jobs. Whichever your take on the subject, at our site you will find the perfect setting for both in the safest most reliable environment.

Tournaments are slightly different in that they represent a wonderful opportunity of making some money while achieving at the same time a position of honor through becoming the most skillful player in the tournament’s particular circuit. Playing an online tournament with us definitely conveys that special feeling of achievement without leaving on the side the fun and relaxation that must be part of this kind of experience. Our brand offers as well a variety of tournament’s levels in order to present all of our members with the chance to play an online Poker tournament no matter what their level of expertise or goals. Without any reserves, we invite you to play an online Poker tournament with us and to gamble in our room; you will have the best time ever!

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MicroGaming Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are a recent addition to the world of playing slots online, and is still limited to a select few operators today. Public demand is increasing though, and it is predicted to be just as popular as regular slot gambling in just a few years. Operators who use the MicroGaming software platform have started offering tournament play, and the reviews have been very positive. These tournaments attract thousands of players who go at it during weekends.

Slots tournaments offer several advantages over regular play. The most obvious of these is the stakes. Generally, when the stakes are fixed, you know beforehand how much you risk losing. The prizes are predetermined as well more often than not, since most of the tournaments offer a guaranteed prize pool. This is an easy way to limit your gambling while still being aware of how much you could win, if you take home the tournament prize.
Another advantage of slot tournaments is the relative speed and that they can generate quite a lot of money in very little time. Most tournaments are over within an amazing 5-10 minutes, with the exception of re-buy tournaments. That said, re-buy tournaments, often have the largest prizes, due to the rapid growth of the prize pool when re-buys are available. Some of the most popular slot tournaments have prize pools worth more than $20,000, which is great considering the low usual buy-in of about $20. There are often freeroll qualifiers available as well, meaning you might win one of these tournaments without risking a single cent.

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MicroGaming Progressive Jackpot Slots

For that big slots win in MicroGaming’s world of online gambling there are progressive jackpot slots. One of the most appealing categories thanks to the massive occasional payouts. The way progressive jackpots works is like this: Whenever anyone plays the slot machine, a small amount of each wager is taken and added to the jackpot, meaning that it builds over days, weeks or months. In rare cases, a progressive jackpot could take years to pay out, which would obviously make for a gigantic jackpot. Even the more common jackpots reach into the millions.

At the moment, Mircogaming offers 15 progressive machines. Almost all of them video slot machines, but a few of the classic slots also come with progressive jackpots. Here is a sample of the most popular progressive jackpot slots MicroGaming has to offer:
King Cashalot has been around for a few years and is one of the most popular. It has a jackpot that starts at $500,000 and usually gets to around $1,500,000.
Mega Moolah currently offers the largest jackpot, more than $5,400,000. Mega Moolah is unusual in that it has four progressive jackpots.
Cash Splash is a classic slot that offers a progressive jackpot. Introduced in 1998, it was MicroGaming’s first progressive jackpot slot machine. This is a good game if you prefer simple games with a potential for huge payouts.

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Texas Holdem is Pure Poker Fun

Do you know how to play poker online? There are so many reasons to join the online poker community. To meet really nice people, win great prizes and enjoy poker games like Texas Holdem are a few reasons people are clamoring to get into poker online.

The online poker wave has been reaching new heights of success every single year. There are a few great reasons for its success including the accessibility and inclusiveness. The brick and mortar casinos were not physically close to many people and then the air of the poker table is daunting to a novice trying to make their poker debut. Online tables have demystified poker and brought the players together into a tight-knit community.

Play Texas Holdem to see the love people have for this dynamic game. Holdem is an easy enough card game to learn, but like all poker games, you can spend years getting your strategy just right. It is a community card game. This means that the dealer gives each player two personal cards and then slowly reveals five cards in the center of the table. The cards in the center of the table are equally available to all players to use in order to create the best hand possible. The online casinos have great video tutorials to guide you through the rules and basic strategy of Holdem.

Get into the online casino and take advantage of the video tutorials and free poker practice rooms. These tools are indispensable to poker fans that want to learn a new game or brush up on an old on.

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